The Unofficial Matrix Server List

A curated list of matrix servers

Curated list for the community

The first time when I was looking for a server to connect to the matrix network there was no real curated list available yet. Which is why I started the website to help outsiders to find and connect to a server and start chatting. My personal goal with is to lower the step for maintainers and outsiders to find each others and find their new homes. Even when you are on a different server than your friends you can still interact with each others. You can join rooms or even start private conversations with each others regardless since you are still connected with each others through the federation.

The Federation (Network)

Content within matrix is federated which means you can have cross communication between servers. This makes the network decentralized and anyone within the community can start their own server and start communicating with others. Which also improves your privacy within the network since communication is always encrypted from peer to peer without anyone in between. When you are looking for a privacy aware chat network Matrix would be the place for you.

Choosing your matrix server

When it comes to choosing a matrix server there will always be a trust factor when joining someone else’s public server. No matter which grade of IT Skills or experience that person, organization or company has there will always be failures at some point. Which is why holds no guarantee on reliability, uptime and active maintenance of the server you are joining. Which is why we warn anyone even when hosting the server yourself that there’s no guarantee for reliability or persistence of data.